About My Volkswagen TDI

About MY TDI

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Important Information Regarding Your Volkswagen TDI


You can now go to the following website to see the latest updated news about the Volkswagen TDI settlement and check to see if your vehicle qualifies in the settlement.

Click on the link below for the latest information.

A representative from Mohegan Lake VW will be in touch with you soon to make sure that you have received this information and provide you with a contact person here as things continue to unfold.


We know that you have waited a significant length of time to find out what Volkswagen was further going to do to make good on their commitment to rectify their wrongdoings as it pertains to VW Diesels.

A settlement and satisfactory conclusion should be reached by the end of June according to the best information that we have. While NO ONE can say with any certainty what the terms of the settlement may be, based on the preliminary information we have received, I am confident that the offering will represent a fair and significant effort to resolve this controversy to your satisfaction. Any firm estimate of that resolution by news outlets or other pundits is merely conjecture and is far from certainty.

In anticipation of the significant volume of calls and inquiries that we are going to field as soon as the settlement is made public, we have taken the following pro-active measures.

We are asking that you click on this link CURRENT INFORMATION which will take you to a form that we are asking you to complete. This will update and insure that we have your correct contact information so that we can provide you with good and correct information in a timely manner.  This will give you, our valued customers, priority over the general public who own TDI's and will be seeking information and guidance.

The sole purpose of this contact information is to provide you with factual details AS SOON as they become available.

Again at this time, we do not have any more concrete details, and no one at Mohegan Lake Motors is authorized to offer any opinions or conjecture. We designed this communication to minimize any delay or questions you have in the future.